Reli Margalith

Entrepreneurship and process leadership

Making a vision a reality

Reli Margalith
| Entrepreneurship and process leadership
Making a vision a reality

Development of operations in the medical field, with an emphasis on state preparedness for extreme medical crises:
Integration of systems, products, vendors and methods into one complete system concept

What motivates me?

Identify unique, intriguing and exciting opportunities, in various fields and with an emphasis on dealing with national crises

Deep learning, exploration, analysis and finally, the design of innovative systems and processes that have a systemic impact.


Examining the applicability of ideas, initiatives and dreams, Diagnosis of the technical and business potential inherent in them.

Selecting outstanding opportunities and translating them into an operation.

Close and joint accompaniment until the optimal realization.

My Career story

With almost three decades of experience at the IDF, I’ve gained valuable abilities ranging from leadership, making though decisions and managing interdisciplinary teams; Going up the ladder from a recruit to a BG, I have hands-on experience with people, complex situations, crises management operational and strategic thinking and a clear outcomes-driven attitude; Coupled with extensive practical knowledge in engineering, product development & entrepreneurship;

After a recent pivotal role combating a national effort against the pandemic while engaging and coordinating stakeholders & politicians, in the highest level, and recently with foreign governments (Latin America) – My goal is to use my knowledge and expertise to make a real change while using data analyzing, strategic engagement and decision making capabilities

Work Experience

Commander, 'Alon' Israeli COVID-19 Headquarters, IDF (Rank: Brigadier General)
  • Spearheading Israeli counterattack against the pandemic, throughout its 3rd and 4th wase, and responsible for testing, investigations, vaccinations, and sequencing.
  • During this period headed the force buildup of multiple capabilities, that allowed to sample thousands of PCR tests a day, deliver on a designated SLA and control and command thousands of individuals and dozens of counterparts – some health organizations, some governmental agencies and local administrators.
2020 – 2021
Head of Epidemiological Investigations, 'Alon' Headquarters, IDF
  • In charge of all investigations done across the country conducted by up to 3,000 investigators and enabling thousands epidemiological investigations a day.
  • Developing unique methods & technology to interact, utilize and promote operational efficiency and accuracy to help detect and cut chains of infections – including creating Israel’s ‘Investigation BOT’.
2018 - 2020
Commentor, Haifa district, Home Front Command, IDF
  • Managing and coordinating all relevant events and activities regarding COVID’s 1st and 2nd wave actions, with responsibilities on the second largest section in the country
  • Engaging with multiple stakeholders (local municipalities, first responders) while managing hundreds of soldiers at a time and preparing for crisis events.
2017 - 2018
Division Deputy Commander, 162nd Division IDF
  • Planning and managing processes, operational analysis, and force buildup plans while managing a full cohort of 26,000 reserve and active-duty soldiers.
  • Liaison to the IDF’s Southern Commend and assisting with all operational planning.
2015 – 2017
Commander, 4th Brigade, IDF
  • Command of over 5,000 reserve and active-duty soldiers, preparing them to various scenarios and undertaking operational assignments in multiple environments.
2013 - 2015
Head of the Northern Arena, Operations Directorate, IDF
  • In charge of all high-level, operational and strategical planning and monitoring for the northern front, while creating a holistic and ever updating status report to high level officials and policy makers at the IDF HQ.
  • Extensive experience in the fields military strategy and of regional and international policy, including tackling on-point projects and leading multidisciplinary taskforces.
1994 - 2012
Multiple Positions ('Recruit to LTC'), including various engineering positions that involved developing new and innovative weaponry and operational systems




  • PhD research, Electro-Optics – Bar Ilan University, (paused).
  • MA, Military and Security – Haifa University, 2017
  • Sc, Electrical Engineering – Bar Ilan University, 2007
  • Graduate, Directors & Managers Course, IDC, 2021.

Military Service


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My Publications

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An Scholarly Article on the Journal "Proceedings of the IEEE" (February 2015)
An Scholarly Article on the "Journal of Biomedical Optics" (February 2014)
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