Shimrit Maman

Senior QA Engineer


• Working in agile environment

• Writing test scenarios

• Working with Jira

• Proficiency with the video and audio world. (high understanding of video formats)

• Familiar with news environment

• Working with third party integration like Avid Interplay and Adobe Premiere

• Product Owner for testing team

• Familiar with billing environments


To work in a company that provides a strong sense of belonging.


• Dedication: I define dedication as being determinant to achieving goals.

• Thoroughness: I strive to learn and understand the precise details ; getting down to the nitty gritty details.

• Loyalty: loyalty means working hard in order to achieve team and company goals with high dedication.

• Professionalism: I am able to understand and learn to refine my expertise in my field.

• Teamwork: Teamwork for me means sharing, acceptance of others, desire to contribute, and engage with team members.

My Career story

• After almost 21 years of experience in software testing, I have gained important abilities such as Learning, getting down to details, writing test scenarios, and integrating with third party software. Working in the world of video, audio and media, has enhanced my understanding of this world.

• In my previous workplaces, I have always put an emphasis on professionalism and understanding the system down to the smallest details.

• I find it exciting to explore new features and new elements of the software.

• I put a lot of effort into learning and being independent at work.

• One of my strongest assets is being very thorough. I connect well with people, and enjoy sharing knowledge and learning from others people’s experience.

• I know success can be achieved by hard work.

• I would like to join a company that believes in their employees and gives them the freedom to thrive.

Work Experience

2008 - 2023
Test engineer and Product Manager, DALET - Dalet Digital Media System

• Managing a team of testers using the Scrum method, planning the team’s tasks for short and long term.

• Writing test documents and scenarios, prioritizing bugs and features for the team in the Jira system.

• Update and maintain test plans – based on predetermined product requirements.

• Working with RND, Product Managers, other Product Owners, and customers to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction

• Tests for the software components related to the world of radio, news and broadcasting, in-depth knowledge with the world of video formats.

• Working with external video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, Avid Interplay, and Avid Composer.

• Web application tests and running daily automatic tests.

• Integration tests with third-party software for the company products and providing support to the development team.

• Full workflow tests before product delivery.

• Performing tests and support with Active Directory

• Training new employees, introduction of the software and imparting new testing skills.

2000 - 2007
Testing Engineer, AMDOCS

• Work in the INFRA team that includes running the daily build, maintenance and distribution of

• Tests for the Amdocs billing system

• End-to-end tests for modules according to customer requirements

• Writing work test documents with Director Test

• Meeting busy schedules

A figure for inspiration

Miriam Peretz – a fighter, some one that refuses to give up and continues to push forward.



1997 – 2000: Software Engineer, Beer Sheva College of Technology

Military Service


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My Publications

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