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Tali Marienberg

Entrepreneurial and driven C-level executive with a track of leading organizations to success

Carismatic leader with Integrity

Tali Marienberg
| Entrepreneurial and driven C-level executive with a track of leading organizations to success
Carismatic leader with Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Achiever
  • Assertiveness
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytical Skills
  • Carisma
  • Legal Expert in Insurance & Healthcare
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Success

There is no such thing as impossible

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Thoroughness

My Career story

Entrepreneurial and driven C-level executive with a track of leading organizations to success.

A seasoned leader with strong business acumen and extensive experience in operations, P&L oversight, HR and marketing in both entrepreneurial environment and established organizations.

Proven networking skills, building strong partnerships with stakeholders and customers.

Work Experience

Dec 2021 – Present
The Israeli Heart Association - Director, Voluntary Board Member
2021 – Present
Mon4t Enabling Tele-Neurology - Business Development Director in a medical start-up environment
2020 - 2022
Klapton Insurance & Reinsurance Co.

Executive Director & C.O.O, Member of 3 Board Advisory committees:
Risk Committee, Ethics & Remuneration Committee, Claims Committee.
Klapton is an Insurance and Reinsurance Company, operating in the global environment including
the Asian Market, Africa, UAE and Europe.
Achievements: Led a successful establishment of a new Insurance Company in Zambia; Took
part in the establishment of a new Digital Insurance Company; Led to a growth of 100% in
written premium during the Covid 19 crisis and to better results in claims handling, reduction
in costs and as a result to a good L/R.

  • As C.O.O I led all the company’s operations and strategic directions.
  • Built a leading, professional and winning team, headed the claims department
    and played an important role in the Company’s regulatory affairs.
  • Established performance metrics and new business tools that drove cost and quality efficiencies.
  • As C.O.O and member of the ENR Board Advisory Committee I helped shape the HR programs, activities, policies and strategy to support all business current and future needs and was responsible for all the employee life cycle.
    As C.O.O and member of the Claims Board Advisory committee I contributed to the
    company’s legal affairs, played an important role in legal advice, negotiations, contractual
    matters, and compliance issues.
2018 - 2019
Justice Investments - Director, private company.
2006 - 2019
Tikal Ltd. - C.E.O
  • Tikal is a medical data service provider to insurance companies and lawyers.
    Achievements: Positioned the company as the leading services provider in its industry; Growth
    of market share, business and expanding the activity to the U.S. and Europe; Maximizing
    increasing profits for shareholders; Established a lesson learned organization mindset to
    mitigate risk; Championed cost savings through continuous improvement of process and lean
  • Led strategy, business development, vision and provided services and innovated
    solutions to tens of thousands of clients, including, but not limited to, all Israelis
    insurance companies, lawyers, private individuals, working with all medical
    entities in Israel, including hospitals, health funds, medical institutions, doctors
  • Ongoing working interface with overseas medical entities and insurers, including
    the establishment of new working partnerships with them.
  • Direct reporting to the board of directors and ongoing work with it, as well as
    the company’s external auditors and bankers, with full P&L responsibility.
  • Establishment and execution of short and long-term work plans together with
    the board of directors. Determining the company’s policy, defining methods, work
    regulations and procedures, monitoring mechanisms, and employee
    compensation modules and incentives.
  • Management of more than 80 employees, including management team,
    lawyers, head office, marketing and field staff.
  • Developed employee empowerment and pay for the performance strategies
    improving employee engagement.
  • Business development, business and technology orientation, establishment of
    new initiatives, innovation and data analysis.
  • Legal counsel to the company with responsibility for tenders, and agreements
    with employees, customers and suppliers.
2000 - 2006
Peltours Insurance Agency Ltd. and its subsidiary, Municipalit - Head of Claims Section
  • Managing a team (25 employees), including lawyers, team managers and claim
  • Professional management and legal counseling to underwriters of the agency
    and its clientele, in all areas of insurance.
  • Managing all claims relating to aviation in Israel.
  • Ongoing operations with Reinsurers in Israel and especially overseas.
  • Authorized claims manager and payments signatory on behalf of five largest
    Insurance companies in the sector.
  • Establishment, follow-up, development and assimilation of advanced innovative
    scanning and computerization system.
1996 - 2000
Avner Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Insurance Association Ltd. - Attorney
  • Management of claim portfolios in respect of vehicle accidents, specializing in fraud and impersonation.
  • Management of negotiations, claim discharges, instructions to lawyers, risk management and reporting to Reinsurers.
  • Work with external experts in the medical, engineering, and assessment sectors, and so forth.
  • Management of negotiations and drafting of agreements with external suppliers such as Magen David Adom (MDA) and the Ministry of Defense.
  • Responsibility for coordination of airlifts of persons injured in accidents in Israel.
1995 - 1996
Menda & Kamin Law Firm - Lawyer

A litigator specializing n the field of torts, professional liability, medical negligence and insurance.

1992 - 1995
Weinberg & Weinberg Law Firm - Lawyer

Internship and a litigator specializing in the field of torts, professional liability, medical negligence and insurance.


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1994: Membership of the Israel Bar Association
1992: Undergraduate law degree (LLB), Essex University, UK
2017: Directors’ and Management Personnel Course – Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

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